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Chateau Monestier La Tour

Monestier La Tour
"Bergerac Wines"
F-24240 Monestier
Dordogne - France
Tel. +33 553 241 843
Fax +33 553 241 814

Press review


Philip de Haseth-Möller

In 1997, on one of my numerous journeys around France, I fell head over heels in love with the old abandoned château in the little village of Monestier.
This fine building, previously destroyed by fire, stood in a charming, almost magical place.
Being a lover of art and French culture, I eagerly began to restore this home with the greatest of pleasure and respect.
A run-down vineyard surrounded the estate.
The terroirs there were excellent and had been recognised as such for centuries.
Having a passion for wine, I set about breathing life back into those forgotten vines.

Philip de Haseth-Möller
Philip de Haseth-Möller

Château Monestier La Tour - Les Vignes

Château Monestier La Tour - The vineyard

The origins of the château go back many years.
The ancient Capitainerie founded in the 13th century to guard the valley, was partly destroyed during the One Hundred Years War.
The next owners eagerly rebuilt it.
The remains of the 13th century mingle with elements from the Renaissance period.
The façade was rebuilt in the 17th century and the tower in the 19th century, according to Voillet Le Duc.
History is just an eternal re-beginning!

The vineyard is made up of Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec for the red wine; and Sémillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle for the white.
The vines are cultivated with the utmost respect for their eco-system.
The soil is ploughed so as to favour the natural development of flora and fauna.
Adopting a largely hands-off approach to vine-growing, we allow the vines to express themselves so that the grapes can display the whole character of their remarkable terroir.

Création Lambert
Photos : Alain Vacheron
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