The Domain

Our team
In January 2012, Château Monestier La Tour had the good fortune to cross paths with Karl-Friedrich Scheufele and his family, who took over the management of the property from Mr de Haseth-Moller.

Co-president of Chopard, the famous Swiss luxury watches and jewellery manufacturer, and owner of the Galerie des Arts du Vin France wine merchants in Monestier, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele has had a passion for wine since his youth.

He also owns the Caveau de Bacchus and Bacchus Spirits, wine and spirits stores, and Chez Bacchus, a new wine bar concept in Geneva.

His love of wine and vineyards inspires him every day to continue the renovation work begun by his predecessor.

Château Monestier La Tour also consists of the people who work there and who ensure that it functions on a daily basis. This expert team is totally dedicated to the château, managing all aspects, from the vineyard to the winery, with a passion and patience that reflects the family’s philosophy at the property.


Numerous steps have been taken to enable the most accurate and in-depth expression of the terroir: soil analysis, fine-tuning of the grape varieties planted, additional planting, reduced interventions, densification of plots, a sustainable approach to managing the vineyard…

From the harvest to the ageing of the wines, the same rigorous approach is applied, including night harvests for the white grapes, manual sorting, pneumatic pressing, vinification by plot, and barrel selection based on the vintage’s characteristics. This quest for excellence was taken further in 2014 with the construction of a new winery.


Technical Manager and Cellar Master

Mathieu Eymard has been Cellar Master at the property since 2015; with his team, he works closely with Stéphane Derenoncourt, one of the world’s most renowned oenologists. Together, they have gradually converted the entire vineyard to biodynamic agriculture.


Our mission at Château Monestier La Tour is to support the property and its technical team in the production of great terroir wines. To accomplish this, our approach takes into account the wine estate as a whole and the surrounding environment.


The implementation of sustainable agriculture practices with minimal intervention is the basis for the production of wines that express the identity of a terroir. Organic farming and biodynamic methods thus becomes an obvious choice.


Pauline Lagarde is responsible for monitoring this process in close collaboration with Mathieu Eymard with a view to optimizing interventions in the vineyard according to the lunar calendar.

Léo Baillet assists them by overseeing the various winegrowing tasks with the aim of carrying them out with the greatest possible precision.

This meticulous work continues in the winery during the harvests, with the implementation of plot-by-plot vinification. This enables us to bring out the best in each plot.
A minimalist approach is taken to extraction so that the terroir can express itself.


Each plot is aged separately in different containers depending on the vintage: oak barrels, 500 litre casks, or stainless steel vats. Here again, no style is imposed, the choice is based entirely on the character of the wines. Some plots require a more protective approach to ageing; others, on the contrary, require more work.


All this is carried out in accordance with the lunar cycles until bottling. This team work enables high quality wines to be produced with total respect for nature.